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with Michael Bungay Stanier

Michael Bungay Stanier shares how to set up professional relationships for success. From initiating, to maintaining, to fixing a relationship, Michael shares insights from his new book.

Logitech CEO Bracken Darrell: Doing Well and Doing Good

Join me for a discussion with Bracken Darrell, who has spent the last decade leading Logitech to be not only a world-class creator of electronic products, but a company that is building sustainability and equal opportunity into its DNA. He recently announced that Logitech is now carbon neutral, with a goal of becoming carbon positive (actually removing greenhouse gases from the atmosphere) by the end of the decade.

Thriving and Advancing when You're the Only One with Christelle Mombo-Zigah

A high-tech overachiever manages a full-time job, a spouse, two young children, and a pandemic lockdown, all while getting a degree from one of the top business schools in the country.

To top it off, Christelle Mombo-Zigah is a black woman with a French accent in an industry where any one of those is a rarity.

Come join me for a livestream chat with Christelle about doing it all, surviving COVID, and using her differences as a source of power.

Transforming Healthcare from the Private Sector with Jonathan Bush

Jonathan Bush is the co-founder of Zus Health, and previously CEO and co-founder of Athena Healthcare, a $6 billion company that handles back-end processing for medical practices and hospitals.

He's also a member of a famous political family. Earlier in his career, he intended to go into politics to help make the world a better place.

Instead, he's choosing to make his mark through the private sector.

Join us for a conversation with Jonathan about his career, his hopes for the future, and how he views the conundrum of improving the American health care system.

Indistractable with Nir Eyal

Learn to overcome distraction! Our modern life is built for distraction. Indeed, that's the basis of many high tech companies' business models—to take us away from the highest and best use of our time, and "engage" us on their platforms. Sometimes the reasons are benign. There may be a misguided 22-year-old who thinks "engagement" is the goal of their product. Often, the reasons are actively exploitative, as they want to shove ads in our face hoping to distract us even further.

Nir Eyal rose to fame as the author of "Hooked." He intended engaging products to be used for good. His latest thinking is embodied in "Indistractable," which tells us how to wrest our lives back from all these engaging products.

Fearless Entrepreneurship with Rhonda Britten

Rhonda Britten is an Emmy Award-winning, repeat Oprah guest, and author of four best-sellers. She'll be helping us understand how fear plays a role in our business and entrepreneurial lives, and will give us tools for identifying and dealing with our fear.

Brain-based Dos and Don'ts for the New Work Reality with Dr. Brynn

Join us for Dr. Brynn to discuss Top Brain-Based Do's and Don'ts as we return to offices and engage in new hybrid work models. Learn tips and tricks from applied neuroscience for how you stay sustainably motivated and productive at work, no matter what post-pandemic work realities are in store for you!

Plays Well With Others - with Eric Barker

From the author of the Wall Street Journal bestseller Barking Up the Wrong Tree comes a cure-all for our increasing emotional distance and loneliness—a smart, surprising, and thoroughly entertaining guide to help build better friendships, reignite love, and get closer to others, whether you’re an extrovert or introvert, socially adept or socially anxious.

The Future of Work with Jeff Wald

What will careers look like going forward? In just the last year, the work world has been changed by COVID. Before that, the rise of the gig economy. Looking at a longer timespan, we have long-term societal trends: the rise of automation and artifical intelligence, historically extreme inequality, and a generation mired in so much debt they can't even start saving until later in life.

What does it all add up to? We'll find out.

Jeff Wald, founder of Work Market and author of The End of Jobs: The Rise of On-Demand Workers and Agile Corporations will be joining me for a livestream to explore what's next in our work world.

Talking on Eggshells with Sam Horn

Respect by those around us. We all want it. We need it. But in the Age of the Great Resignation, we need to take responsibility for giving, getting, and deserving respect in the workplace.

How do we do it? Through words, actions, and communication.

Join me and Sam Horn, one of the best communicators I've ever met, to learn how.

Sam is CEO of the Intrigue Agency. She is a 3-time TEDx speaker and author of POP!, Tongue Fu, and Washington Post bestseller Got Your Attention?

24 Years Later... with Chris Yeh

The question of the day: how do you become a unicorn? Not the kind with a cute horn that can ride down rainbows, but the kind that's a startup company worth a billion dollars. The answer: Blitzscaling.

The internet has changed how many new companies go to market. In many sectors, "winner-take-all" is the new norm. You win by getting in and growing. Fast.

Chris Yeh is the co-founder of the Blitzscaling Academy and of Blitzscaling Ventures. He is the co-author of Blitzscaling, earned two degrees from Stanford, and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Join us for a lively discussion for if, when, why, and how you should turn your pushcart frozen-yogurt cart into a globe-spanning yogurt behemoth, capable of delivering brain freezes on a truly epic scale.

How to Begin with Michael Bungay Stanier

Michael Bungay Stanier is the author of seven books which between them have sold
over a million copies. He’s best known for The Coaching Habit, the best-selling
coaching book of the century and already recognized as a classic. His new book, How
to Begin, helps people be more ambitious for themselves and for the world. Michael was
a Rhodes Scholar and plays the ukulele badly. He’s Australian, and lives in Toronto,
Canada. Learn more at

The Power of Clarity with Ann Latham

Ann Latham joins me to discuss the power of clarity. One of the biggest drags on productivity—both individual and group—is lack of clarity. By bringing more clarity to meetings, projects, and entire companies, you can dramatically improve results while paradoxically working less.

Selling As A Service with Tony Ubertaccio

Today everything business runs on technology. What if you could get that same technology for less, in a way that cut your costs, increased revenue for the provider, and was a win-win-win for everyone?

Join us for a conversation with Tony Ubertaccio, president of 1Source Technology Broker. Tony will walk us through his business establishing a tech agency, which paradoxically provides lower costs to end customers, while benefiting everyone in the value chain. You'll find it a most intriguing business!

Pivot to Success with Micha Weinblatt

Join us to talk with Micha Weinblatt, founder of about staying focused on your vision, while you adapt and use data to achieve the success you dream of.

Personal Branding: the Digital You with William Arruda

Join me and personal branding pioneer William Arruda to explore how you can create a powerful personal brand online. Bringing years of corporate marketing experience to his clients, William has spent his career helping top executives and entrepreneurs create strong personal brands both on and offline.

Entrepreneurs: Live and Let Live with Terry Brock

Terry Brock, a National Speakers Association "Hall of Fame" speaker, Teryr will be joining me to discuss entrepreneurship, online relationship marketing, and how a "live and let live" mindset leads to entrepreneurial success.

You -can- Change Other People with Peter Bregman and Howard Jacobson

Wouldn't life just be easier if everyone did what we wanted? Of course it would! Peter and Howard will share what they've learned over the years working with leaders of organizations on changing culture and changing behavior. Join us for what's sure to be a lively discussion. If it isn't lively enough, I'll challenge them to use their own methods to up their game. Sometimes I'm just a wee bit ruthless.

The Widest Net: Unlocking Untapped Markets with Pam Slim

Want a great work career? Pamela Slim rose to fame writing Escape from Cubicle Nation. With her help, hundreds of people have successfully escaped from soul-sucking work situations into self-employment. Pam will be joining me to discuss her latest book, The Widest Net, in which she shows how we all have untapped markets for our businesses that we can reach with a moment's notice.

Systems Thinking: The Skill to Develop to Make a Difference in the World with John-Paul Maxfield

Jobs like CEO, entrepreneur, consultant, and general manager sound sexy, right? They're high-status. They pay well. And they're jobs that require you to learn to understand, analyze, and make decisions about complex systems. Join John-Paul Maxfield to explore how we can learn to think systemically, and why that's crucial to successful businesses, governance, and planetary survival.

From Start-up to Grown-up with Alisa Cohn

Do you want your business to become as successful as Etsy or Venmo? Executive coach Alisa Cohn has been there. She's helped those companies become household names. She knows how organizations of every size work -- from day one, all the way up to Fortune 500. In this livestream, we'll be discussing how founders can manage themselves, their relationship, their people, and their businesses. Don't miss this one! Alisa's a serious powerhouse.

Crypto for Business with Jay Becker

Crypto? Bitcoin? Ethereum? NFTs? I'm a skeptic, I fully admit it. But I'm open-minded. Crypto-enthusiast Jay Becker will be joining me to help me understand how accepting crypto for business can help reduce the cost and increase the timeliness of collecting payments. He'll also be explaining what crypto is, roughly how it works, and what he believes the future will be.

You Need Great Leads with Billy Fetzner

I'll be talking with Billy Fetzner, social media marketer extraordinaire, who will de discussing how to use LInkedIn for marketing for entrepreneurs. We'll be doing this as a LinkedIn Live Audio event, so you'll be welcome to join us on stage and ask questions or join the discussion.

Lasting relationships aren’t built in a day, and Billy teaches entrepreneurs how to build the trust and rapport that facilitates strong business relationships.

Billy is an entrepreneur, LinkedIn marketing strategist, and coach working to make the world a greener place by helping small green business owners grow their online presence and authority.